Making SME meat processors more competitive by using automatic in-line fat analysis in meat trimmings

Automatic in-line fat analysis in meat trimmings

The TRIMSCAN solution consists in the development of an in-line fat analyser to scan pork and beef trimmings contained in plastic bins. The solution uses a contactless system to predict the fat content with an expected accuracy below 1.5 %.

TRIMSCAN will provide SME meat processors with a practical tool at an affordable cost to make them more competitive by reducing lean meat over-use and to avoid the need of inaccurate and time consuming manual sampling and recipe reformulation.

TRIMSCAN will significantly improve the production of processed meat by homogenising the quality of the final product and by reducing the percentage of rejections due to products that do not meet the legislation and/or customer of specifications

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PaperclipProject Facts
  • Start date: 2014-01-01
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Subprogram Area: SME-2013-1 Research for SMEs
  • Contract type: Research for SMEs