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golfGolfera in Lavezzola S.p.A. leading company in the food sector, specialized in the production of cooked, seasoned salami and meat, it is famous for the high quality and the innovation of the products.
The respect for tradition and old recipes are combined with the constant pursuit of innovations meant to satisfy a more and more demanding consumer.
The scrupulous inspection procedures followed in the choice of the ingredients, the rigorous selection of the suppliers, the greatest care in the production process allow us to guarantee the highest quality of our charcuterie.

Our know-how and creativity enable us to make unique delicacies which incomparable features coming from the ability to join traditional flavours with light recipes.
This match, besides satisfying the most delicate palates, meets the needs of a modern diet.
That is the reason why GOLFERA has become a solid and dynamic firm, able to update its offer in order to fulfill the customer’s desires.


On a map, the cities of Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna form a triangle, at the centre of which is Lavezzola, an old town of lower Romagna in the municipality of Conselice.
Just a few kilometres away are the marshlands of Valli di Comacchio and the natural oasis of Campotto and Argenta, a wetland region located within the Po Delta nature reserve. This is home to the factory of Golfera Spa, maker of the famous Golfetta, which has been producing premium-quality cured pork products for over 50 years. Lavezzola occupies a region of the Po valley which has been won back from the wetlands during the course of centuries of reclamation work.
This is a region of broad, expansive vistas dotted with villages and criss-crossed by rivers and roads. The Sillaro marks a kind of gastronomic frontier, west of which mutton, a traditional Romagnol dish, is not habitually eaten; the Reno, formerly the route of the Po di Primaro, was for centuries the principal artery via which salt was transported from the Adriatic to the cities of the Po valley; and via Bastia, the road built by the Este dynasty to connect Ferrara to Romagna, was at one time dotted with inns and eating houses.

Golfera operates in a region which preserves a long-standing bond between food and landscape. The plain is dotted with country towns, bell towers rising against the horizon, small villages that attest to a long and thriving rural tradition, where cured pork products have been made for centuries.
It’s this tradition that Golfera has drawn upon to develop its own innovative products.
The company’s motto, “new products with traditional flavour”, effectively expresses what it’s all about: a range of quality hams and salamis so extensive it makes Golfera a little Italy of pork products. These products are new in their nutritional properties, but traditional in their flavour, texture and fragrance; new in terms of production technology and unsurpassable standards of hygiene, but traditional in terms of the depth of cultural nous brought to bear in their preparation. All with the ultimate aim of bringing consumers the best the Bel Paese has to offer in quality, service, innovation and respect for tradition.