Making SME meat processors more competitive by using automatic in-line fat analysis in meat trimmings

ssicaSSICA Experimental Station for Food Preserving Industry.

SSICA is an applied and experimental research body founded as a Public Body in 1922 with Royal Decree no. 1396 of 2 July. Transformed into a Public body by Legislative Decree no. 540 of 1999, is now a special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Parma pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 78 of 31/05/2010 amended by Law no. 122 of 30 July 2010, with the purpose of improving the quality and safety standards of products along the entire supply chain. The Agency has various departments specific to the different product sectors, as well as departments and laboratories in charge of more general activities; it has equipment and know-how aimed at experimenting with new products, new processing and preservation procedures, analyzing possible economic and social impact.


The department activity focuses on meat products, whose industrial preservation is obtained by heat treatments (cooked meats), drying or fermenting (dry-cured meats), or active packaging (sliced meats).
The main traditional activities aiming at improving the technology and the quality of Italian cold cuts go along with topics such as safety, nutrition, novel products development, packaging, shelf-life and environmental sustainability.

The research, developed in collaboration with the industry, associations of producers, consortia, universities and research institutes, aims to provide support to enterprises for the improvement of standards of quality and safety as well as a scientific basis for the entire meat chain, including the suitability of the raw material for processing, monitoring of processing, study of pre-portioned and packaged end products.

The technicians also act as consultants for institutions, associations and enterprise.