Making SME meat processors more competitive by using automatic in-line fat analysis in meat trimmings

dtiDTI is the largest centre of excellence in research and innovation in animal foods in Denmark. The “Automation and streamlining of abattoirs” group develops machinery, robots and production systems designed to maximise profits from slaughtering operations. Like IRTA, this group at DTI has large experience in the use of CT-Scanner and manual dissection for the approval of instruments for SEUROP classification in pig carcasses at national level. They will carry out calibration of the PIGSCAN system with 120 pigs that will be representative of the national herd. DTI will also participate in the validation of the system in Denmark at industrial level, making trials in a slaughterhouse in Denmark (Danish Crown) where they have access to perform research activities. The slaughterhouse, one of the biggest in Denmark, processes up to 900-pig carcass per hour.