Making SME meat processors more competitive by using automatic in-line fat analysis in meat trimmings
TRIMSCAN – 12th Month Meeting celebrated in SSICA (Parma, Italy)

TRIMSCAN – 12th Month Meeting celebrated in SSICA (Parma, Italy)

February 4th, Parma

Trimscan partners meet in the SSICA – Stazione Sperimentale Industria Conserve Alimentari – Parma to celebrate the 12th Month general meeting.

First results obtained with the laboratory prototype are presented. The system has been tested with pork trimmings at the Danish Technological institute (DTI, Denmark) with very promising results. More tests are expected with pork trimmings to complete a first calibration of the system. The system will be also calibrated for beef timmings at DTI during the following weeks.

The calibration developed at DTI will be exported to the pre-industrial version that will be designed during next months. The pre-industrial version will include a number of improvements that will be required to complete the industrial validation.

It is expected that a pre-industrial version of the system will be available for the begining of September 2015. The industrial prototype will be sent previously to SSICA for a pre-calibration before starting the industral validation process.

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