Making SME meat processors more competitive by using automatic in-line fat analysis in meat trimmings
TRIMSCAN – Industrial Validation

TRIMSCAN – Industrial Validation

The TRIMSCAN system has been installed at an Italian abattoir (SASSI SpA) producing different kind of pork trimmings and at a meat processor (GOLFERA SpA) using pork and beef trimmings for the elaboration of their products.  The system is being validated for the production of batches of trimming with specific fat content for the production of dry-cured sausages and hamburgers.

Fat Control In Dry-Cured Sausage Elaboration

Validation trials has been carried out during several months at Golfera SpA. The TRIMSCAN system has been validated in the production of a specific salami with very low fat content. The system has been employed in the production of several batches of 700-750kg with a specific target fat content.  The natual variation of percentage fat found among these batches were between 8-14%. TRIMSCAN has demonstrated the potential to reduce such variation in the fat content to only 0.8%.

Fat Control In Hamburguer Elaboration

TRIMSCAN system has been also validated for the production of beef Hamburgers. The validation was made on several batches of beef trimmings for the elaboration of hamburgers with different fat contents ranging from 8% to 25%.  The size of the batches were 100kg approximately. The accuracy obtained at batch level was 1.2%.

Fat Control At Abattoir

TRIMSCAN system is currently being validated at abattoir level to control the fat content in batches of pork trimmings. It is expected that TRIMSCAN will contribute to reduce the natural variation of fat in the batch to less than 1%.

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